Admission Procedures

  • To apply to Braemar College, please submit the following information to our Admissions Department:
    1)   The completed Application Form. This can be filled in online through the link above. Alternatively, a PDF version of the Application Form can be downloaded and submitted to
    2)   If required, please also complete a Homestay application form. This can be completed online here or a PDF version of the Homestay Application Form. If the applicant is undecided on this point, the homestay application also can made at a later stage.
    3)   A copy of the picture page from a valid passport (valid more than 18 months)
    4)   Transcripts from the current school for at least the most recent academic year, preferably the last two or three years if available (English translation of these documents is a must).
  • Once our Admissions Department has received your complete application, one of our officers will follow up about the next stage in the admission process.
  • The Admissions Department, having examined the documents, and having determined that the student is qualified and suitable, issues a Pre-Acceptance Letter and an Invoice.
  • Please note: the Pre-Acceptance is a conditional The student confirms the offer by paying the fee indicated on the accompanying Invoice. Our banking information, as well as information about payment options, can be found on our Fees page.
  • Before doing so, all parties involved in the application process are kindly asked to carefully familiarize themselves with our Refund Policy.
  • Our standard invoicing procedure is to include one academic year (8 credits).
  • Once the payment has been received, the Admissions Department issues the official Letter of Acceptance (LOA). The amount paid will be indicated on the LOA. An official receipt will also be issued.
  • The LOA affirms that the student has secured a place in the study period designated.
  • If required, the student can use the LOA provided as part of the application for the Canadian study permit. Please note: as a high school operating under the authority of the Ontario Ministry of Education, Braemar College does not have a DLI number (DLI=Designated Learning Institution). On the study permit application this field may be left blank.

Students under 18 who require custodianship services through Braemar College should also submit the signed Custodianship form for notarization. Please note: these custodianships will only be provided if the student is staying in a Braemar College homestay.

  • Please notify the school as soon as possible once a decision has been received on the study permit application.
  • If the study permit has been rejected, please follow up with the Admissions Department concerning the possibility of a refund as specified in the school’s Refund Policy.
  • Please note: in order for the Homestay Department to make a booking, the flight information will be required, including the flight number and the exact arrival time.
  • As a general rule, the Homestay Department will endeavor to send two or three homestay profiles for the student to choose from. This, however, also depends on demand and the timeframe involved. More information on this process can be found by visiting our Accommodation
  • Once a homestay has been chosen the Homestay Department will send along the Welcome Package.

It is also recommended that before traveling, if possible, the student complete the English and Mathematics placement tests.

  • Ensure the school has the flight information, including flight number, airline, and the exact arrival time.
  • If airport pickup has also been requested, the Homestay Department will make the booking, and send an email confirming that this has been done.
  • The Homestay Department also sends a Pre-arrival Information Package, which includes all the relevant details for the arrival, including airport and customs information, as well as the first days of orientation at the school.

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