COVID Policy

Dear Braemar Community,

We are committed to keeping the campus of Braemar College a safe and accessible place for all our staff and students. To this end we will continue to follow the directives of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the public health services. These are being constantly updated in light of the latest developments.

Our most recent comprehensive Covid-19 readiness plan can be found here.

Parents and students should also carefully read the following documents from Toronto Public Health, a (Dec 4, 2020) Letter to Parents and the K-12 Student Covid Screening Tool.

We have installed anti-virus fans which circulate clean air for all 3rd Floor Classrooms. These rooms also have windows which can be opened.

We have stocked up in our supplies of sanitizer, masks and disinfectant.

We offer our students school logo masks.

We have reduced class size.

We have staggered, additional breaktimes to prevent crowding in hallways and common areas.

There is daily deep cleaning of classrooms and common areas and washrooms.

All classrooms have socially-distanced seats clearly indicated.

Teacher areas are marked and signs reminding all to socially distance are up around the school.

Mandatory mask signs are up in the building and masks will be required by all upon entry.

We follow TPH Daily Health Check of Covid Symptoms at home before coming to school.

Teachers check the temperature of each student at the start of every class.

We follow the laws of Mandatory Self-Isolation Quarantine of 14 days and Mandatory COVID-19 testing  to keep us safe.

We will be updating this list as the Ontario public heath authorities advise.

More information on the government response can be found here and in these links below:

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