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The world is changing faster than ever, and the world of education is too! Are our students still receiving the best education possible? Advances in psychology, neuroscience, biology, and a whole range of other fields have opened up new lines of thought about the purpose of school, and how it can best serve a new generation of students in our fast-paced, interconnected, crazy, scary, wonderful world.

Join us on the Braemar Life Skills Academy podcast every week to explore these new ideas, together with the educators and experts on the front lines of education reform around the world. And get ready to start thinking differently about people, school, and the relationship between them.


BLSA Podcast: Nicole Booyse – We Are Born Artists

In this episode we meet Miss Nicole Booyse, an experienced educator who moved from South Africa to Canada and became the Artistic Director of Braemar College. Nicole is a visual artist, musician and teacher who has transformed the art program at Braemar into a vibrant, passionate space where students can find the freedom and care […]

BLSA Podcast: Misses Rebecca Bitton and Amirah Gilani – Being and Becoming Healthy

Miss Rebecca Bitton is an entrepreneur, educator, and mental health speaker. She has been the panelist speaker and former President of the MDAO (Mood Disorders Association of Ontario). She’s also been a panelist speaker at the OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union) Work Life Balance Conference, Sunnybrook Hospital and many others. Rebecca addresses student and […]

BLSA Podcast: ConnectU Connection with Mr. Dov Shapiro

Mr. Dov Shapiro is a long-time educator, camp director, and is the founding CEO of ConnectU*, a digital Social-Emotional Learning platform that provides educators with the tools to nurture and assess Growth Mindsets, Self-Awareness, Empathy and Metacognition in their students. Our conversation digs deeper into topics like the nature of Social-Emotional learning, the “EdTech” (Education Technology) […]

BLSA Podcast: Miss Jessica Paul on Bringing Braemar to Life

Jess Paul – Bringing Braemar to Life Miss Jessica Paul is one of the longest serving teachers at Braemar College, and one of the most dynamic! A lover of theatre, fashion, language, travel and cooking, she brings her passion and talents to everything she does. Over the years, she has been responsible for designing and […]

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