BLSA Podcast: Miss Jessica Paul on Bringing Braemar to Life

Jess Paul – Bringing Braemar to Life

Miss Jessica Paul is one of the longest serving teachers at Braemar College, and one of the most dynamic! A lover of theatre, fashion, language, travel and cooking, she brings her passion and talents to everything she does. Over the years, she has been responsible for designing and coordinating a truly massive range of events, trips and student clubs, and has helped untold numbers of students to discover new routes to wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

In our conversation, Miss Paul helps to outline the types of extra-curricular programs offered to students at Braemar, and the developmental theories that underpin them. She shows us how what looks like simple fun on the outside can be transformative on the inside, for students and teachers alike.

Check out this episode if you’re interested in finding inspiration for your next project with your children, students or friends!


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