The launch of the Braemar Life Skills Academy

We are proud to announce the launch of the Braemar Life Skills Academy.

There are lots of different ways we might measure a successful life: longevity, health, relationship networks, community contributions, mobility, financial wealth, etc. And today there are enough “self-improvement” programs being promoted to confuse anyone about the direction they should take to achieve their dreams.  

The Braemar Life Skills Academy can help young people navigate the confusing but exciting world of personal development. 

Our courses and resources use the most recent and authoritative scholarship available to introduce the foundations of wellbeing, provide effective tools for authentic personal growth, and guide you through the practices that will see you achieve stability and success in your formal education, professional career, and beyond.   

Sarah Schumacher and Mike Helsby are serving as co-directors of the academy.

You can learn more about the first course offered under the Braemar Life Skills Academy here.

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