Welcome to our new team member!

Braemar College is delighted to announce the appointment of a new team member to cover the Russian and CIS markets. Irina Talyanskaya has an exceptional depth of experience in the international education sector.   

Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies are mainly street photography and travelling. I think these two hobbies perfectly complement one another. I do enjoy travelling, no matter in Russia or abroad, I like exploring new places, local culture, street art and cuisine. Also, I love walking along the streets of a new city with my camera trying to catch the right moment at the right location.

What do you like most about recruiting for Braemar College?

Most of all I like helping young ambitious students with such an important decision like going to study abroad and I assist them with getting to one of the best schools in Canada which will open up many great opportunities to these students in future.

What advice would you have for students interested in studying at Braemar College?

I would advise not to be afraid of going to study so far away from home. Braemar college offers a high level of academic preparation and great progression rates to the top universities in North America. Besides, you would meet new friends from all over the world, which would contribute to your soft skills development, in addition to cultural and language gains. Braemar College is a great place and our friendly and helpful team will do all they can to ensure you achieve your best.

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