Appointment of Sales Manager for Braemar College

Braemar College is delighted to announce that as of January, 2021, Tamara Konoval will be assuming the position of Sales Manager. Tamara will be coordinating the work of our superb team of in-country recruiters. Tamara is particularly well suited to take on this demanding role, having worked in the international education industry for almost fifteen years, early on as an agent, and as recruiter and marketing manager here at Braemar College. We see this as part of our commitment to providing you, our valued partners, with the best possible support. (Tamara can be reached at

We asked Tamara a few questions about this development.

What are your thoughts on becoming the new Sales Manager of Braemar College?

I am very honored and excited to take on the role of a Sales Manager, particularly during the challenging times the education industry is currently facing. I am determined to provide value to Braemar College and support to our colleagues, agents, students, and parents. Moreover, in my new role, I plan to develop new marketing strategies, broaden our marketing activities, increase the student numbers, all while learning as much as I can and constantly improving myself.

What do you think are some of the strengths that Braemar College has?

Braemar College is a home away from home for its students and staff members. We are like a family. When students join Braemar College, they grow together with us, graduate, and then enter adult life on our watch. We assist them through all the changes and challenges, no matter how big or small. We encourage them to follow their aspirations and help them achieve their goals. Many of our students, for instance, dream of going onto Canadian colleges or universities. To help them we draw on some of our strengths, including twenty-five years of experience providing international students with a pathway into top Canadian colleges and universities.

How do you think your long experience in the industry will help you?

I have worked as an agent, so I understand what agents need and how they see the world. I also understand the concerns of parents and students. But I have also worked as a recruiter out in the field, and I know how it feels when, after just a few hours of sleep, you do busy fairs and many meetings all day, with a full email inbox waiting for you in the evening. So I can put myself in the shoes of our agent partners as well as our team members. This will be valuable as I do my best to help all of us in the Braemar College community accomplish our shared goals.

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