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Best Highschool in Canada

Join a streamed teacher-led class, collaborating with students both online and physically in the class with the teacher. Do group work with students in other countries and get feedback and your questions answered right away. 

Participate in live lessons

Your teacher marks your work and gives you feedback

Your teacher will keep you on target and motivated 

Your studies will be structured by Braemar College’s Fast-Track term system 

ESL high school courses available (for credit) 

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Our guidance team also provides all these additional services:



To build your pathway we need to know exactly where you are in your learning. We find this out from your academic records and through tests of your math and English ability.


Credential Evaluation

Our guidance team evaluates your credentials to see where you are and create the most effective realistic pathway to your chosen post-secondary programs.


Credits Granted

We grant you Ontario Secondary School Credits for the work you have completed up to now, ensuring you don’t have to repeat work already completed.


Customized Studyplan

We make a detailed study plan, showing the courses and the other requirements to qualify you for your Canadian postsecondary program.


My Blueprint

myBlueprint is a comprehensive online education, career/life planning, and digital portfolio tool designed to meet students’ learning needs, interests, and aspirations. myBlueprint gives students the opportunity to become an architect of their own future. 


On-Target Systems

Our On-Target systems as well as our guidance team are there to help keep you focused and motivated, ensuring you finish your work on time.
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Online Mentoring

Your online mentor is there for you throughout, answering your questions, and supporting you as you develop time-management skills.


Application Support

For over twenty-five years our guidance team has been helping international students enter Canadian post-secondary programs at all levels.


Exclusive Scholarships

Our students benefit from exclusive Braemar-only entry scholarships to some of Canada’s top universities.