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This is not your typical ESL program; we teach a comprehensive mixture of essential English skills—speaking, listening, reading and writing. This program is based on the guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of Education, to ensure graduates obtain a level of English proficiency sufficient for post-secondary studying at community colleges and universities in an English-speaking environment.

We’ve been teaching our comprehensive brand of ESL since 1995, and have helped many students from around the world prosper in an English-speaking academic environments. Whether you are interested in science, business or liberal arts studies, you need a rigorous grounding in English communication if you are to succeed.

Braemar College is not just another language school. It is a private school accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Here’s an overview of the types of courses students in this program may select from:

  • Course in English as a Second Language; English Skills Development; English and Drama
  • Multiple levels available—from beginner to pre-university level
  • Fun, interactive classes with award-winning teachers

The program includes the following elements:

  • 25 hours per week instruction
  • Placement test ensuring correct course selection
  • Choose from: ESL, ELD, Drama & English course mornings & afternoons
  • Exciting, challenging classes
  • Texbooks and materials included
  • This program moves students forward at an unrivalled pace
  • Exit test & award of Certificate of Completion

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University of Toronto
Ryerson Univeristy
York University
Univeristy of Waterloo