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Students First

From the founding of the college in 1995, the first order of business has always been the needs of our students. Our teachers, staff and guidance team work hard to ensure a smooth transition to life in Canada. Academic progress is closely monitored, with official reports registered every five weeks. And four times every academic year our guidance team conducts a thorough review of every dimension of the student experience. Our Students First program expresses our commitment to the well-being of every student.

Fast-Track Term System

Our unique term system provides students with advantages they will find nowhere else. Braemar College has five intake periods per year. (To see more information about starting dates, click here) This means students can begin, or graduate, five times each year. It also means that students requiring less than eight credits can finish sooner than students in schools, which often offer only two semesters.

The Braemar College English Matrix

Students whose first language is not English will likely have to satisfy the English proficiency requirements of Canadian colleges and universities. For some, this can be a challenge. But Braemar students have an advantage. Drawing on decades of experience and detailed testing, the team at Braemar College has developed a comprehensive in-house skills assessment matrix that tracks the progress of every student toward the level of English competence required for the college or university program of their choice.

Express Option

Regular Braemar students take two courses each term; Express Option students take three. This allows advanced and motivated students to complete their university entrance requirements 50% faster. Here is an example: a student who has completed the equivalent of three years of high school, and places at the grade 12 level in math and English, can complete the final year of high school in as little as five months.