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HK is the Student Services Manager of Braemar College. He looks after the homestay program. He speaks English, German, and Korean, and can be reached at

Over the years Braemar College has developed an extensive network of caring and supportive Canadian homestay families. Experience has demonstrated that living with an English-speaking Canadian family will help students learn English more quickly. In addition, the homestay family is a key resource in finding one’s way in the new culture.


The Braemar College Homestay Commitment:


  • We place students with a caring and supportive Canadian homestay family that we know, and have visited in person.
  • All our homestay have carried out a recent police record check.
  • Most of our homestays are about 30-50 minutes from the school, accessible by public transportation.
  • Our families will provide students with a furnished room, wifi, and three nutritious daily meals.
  • If for any reason a student wishes to change homestays, he or she simply has to let the homestay coordinator know, and he or she will be given other homestays to visit.


If you want to be hosted by a Braemar homestay, fill an application below:



Homestay Frequently Asked Questions 

Students are encourage to arrive the week before they begin their courses at Braemar to give them time to settle in and adjust to a new environment.  PLEASE NOTE: When booking flights for your student, please keep in mind their arrival time to homestay. During week days, please try to arrange a flight that will land after 5:00 PM (EST) to ensure the family is home to greet the student.  During weekend, arrival times can be more flexible. 

Braemar College is an International Private High school located downtown Toronto. With that location, it provides close access to libraries, museums, concert venues, and other wonderful attractions related to arts, history, culture and tourism. However, it does mean that we are not located close to many residential neighbourhoods. The areas nearby are mainly apartment buildings and condos, and many units located above restaurants and shops, which as you can imagine is not as ideal for a true Canadian experience for a student.

For this reason, many of our students travel 45-55 minutes from their homestay by way of TTC each morning. 45 minutes is the average. The TTC refers to busses, subways and streetcars. It is a safe way to travel, especially during the hours before and after school, this is how thousands of people in Toronto commute to and from work and school every day.

Before a homestay is accepted into our program, a Braemar representative visits the homestay, meeting with the family in person. A homestay inspection is completed, and is deemed a suitable environment or not.   A re-inspection is completed every 3 years, to ensure proper maintenance of homestay, and compliance of all Braemar homestay policies.

Additionally, All members of the homestay household, 18 years or older MUST have a valid Criminal Record Check (CRC), or Vulernable Sector Scan (VSS) in order to host a student from Braemar College.

We understand that not every match is successful. Once the student arrives to their homestay, we ask that they give it a few days to adjust. If after 3-4 days the student still feels the need to change their homestay, they are encouraged to visit the Student Services Manager, HK.   HK will discuss other homestay options with the student.

The first TWO WEEKS of the student’s arrival is a trial period, and they may move without notice once another placement is secured.  AFTER the two week trial period, the student will need to provide their current homestay two weeks’ notice before moving. Students are encouraged to discuss these issues with the Student Services Manager to ensure proper procedure is followed.

To apply to be a homestay send your information to:


University of Toronto
Ryerson Univeristy
York University
Univeristy of Waterloo