BLSA Podcast: Dr. Kevin Bryan – ChatGPT is going to change EVERYTHING

Chat GPT

It’s been hard to go anywhere in early 2023 without encountering some reference to Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT, the new AI-backed technology set to change the way we work, communicate, research, and think, and to challenge most of our assumptions about how humans can and should interact with the world around them.

But if you’re going to try to understand something as ground-breaking as ChatGPT, you’d better find an expert to help you, and we found the perfect guide for this episode!

Dr. Kevin Bryan is an associate professor in the University of Toronto’s Strategic Management Area.  His work primarily consists of applied theoretical and empirical analyses of innovation and entrepreneurship. Among other questions, he has investigated how startups find early employees and decide where to locate, when and why acquisitions of high-growth startups may be worrying for antitrust, what types of science are most useful for inventors in industry, and how artificial intelligence can be profitably used alongside human workers.

As you’ll shortly discover, Dr. Bryan is a natural teacher, bringing passion, creativity, charisma and clarity to our conversation about what ChatGPT is, how it may change our cultural landscape, and what it implies about the increasingly blurry distinction between “human” and “machine”. Whether you’re a lifelong techy, or a born luddite, you’re sure to find this conversation by turns unsettling, inspiring, and illuminating.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the specific ideas discussed in this episode, you can use the links below as a starting point:



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