BLSA Podcast: Sam HP – Model United Nations

In this episode we spoke with Sam HP, the President of Model United Nations – York University (MUNY). Since taking over the university’s MUN program, Sam has sought to create a more robust and unified approach to the organization and operation of the simulation conferences that were a real highlight in the lives of so many Toronto-based highschoolers before the pandemic broke.

During our conversation, he helped us understand what goes on behind the scenes of a Model UN conference, how students might prepare for, and benefit from this type of event, and how the global political disruptions and fractures of the past several years may indicate a need to return to the core values and lessons taught by organizations such as MUNY.

If you’re interested in Global Issues, Governance, Legislation, Debate and/or the United Nations itself, you’re sure to find some material to chew on here. We especially recommend this episode for any students or parents who are considering the Model United Nations as a part of the student’s education. Enjoy!

And if you’d like to learn more about some of the specific ideas discussed in this episode, you can use the links below as your starting point:

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